Welcome to The Old General Store in Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


One of PEI’s best loved shops, tourists and Islanders have enjoyed our shop for over 30 years. We are honoured to stock handmade works of art from over 50 local and regional artisans, as well as a unique collection of handcrafts from artisans across Canada, as we continue to build our reputation as a handcraft and gift destination.

We look forward to meeting you, enjoying a chat, and telling you about the history of our building, explaining the processes involved in the handcrafted items we sell, and assisting you in selecting your own treasured vacation touchstones.

6 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. Good evening,

    My name is Juanita Rossiter. I am originally from St. Peters Bay, now live in Toronto, but am planning to move back to the Island in the next year.

    I just started my own business to sell greeting cards with vintage images and PEI themes. I think they might be a good fit with your store, which I have visited many times over the years with my Mom.

    The link to the website is below.



  2. Hello, I hope you received my request for information regarding the Mickey Mouse baby quilt. If you still have it in store, please take pics of front and back, plus the dimensions and send to me via my email. So grateful. Janine

  3. Hello Charlene Belsher,
    I visited your lovely shop on Tuesday August 30. I left a J E Hastings and Douglas Cuddle Toy catalogues for you.
    Do you have an email address? I would like to email a price list for the Douglas catalogue.
    Roeland Hakkert
    Fengrove Sales Agency,

    • Hello Roeland.

      Thank you for your compliment on my shop. Sorry to have missed you!
      I am familiar with JE HAstings, but was not familiar with Douglas Cuddle Toys. If you like, please mail the price list to the email address below.
      Thanks again!
      Charlene Belsher

  4. I am looking for a copy of gone to the bay. My husbands uncle was Cyril Sanderson. We just visited st. Peter’s Bay and found out there was a book on the history. Would love to have a copy

    • Hello Tammy. I am not familiar with this book. You might try ‘Freckles and Porcelain’ or ‘St. Peter’s Bay Craft & Giftware’. Both these shops are in St. Peter’s. A quick search shows it was printed in 2000, so it might be hard to come by. Good Luck! Charlene

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